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BWR080 PAUL ROLAND - Strychnine...and other potent poisons Lp

Of all the albums that I have recorded, ‘Strychnine’ was the one that lost me the most sleep. As a songwriter I was never comfortable with the idea of recording an album of cover versions (albeit a mini-album), but I allowed myself to be persuaded that it could be an interesting project. I was pleased when it became the first of my albums to be licensed to Japan (thereby satisfying an early ambition of mine), but I soon realised that in my haste to complete it I had produced more of a sketch than a finished album. For years afterward I yearned to return to it and add those subtle but significant improvements that I knew would complete it and would give me the satisfaction of having made an album I could enjoy without pangs of regret.I was therefore pleasantly surprised when Black Widow asked me to join their label and make ‘Strychnine’; the first of our projects together.I know that my decision to omit a few tracks (covers of ‘Meadows Of The Sea’ and ‘I’m Not Like Everybody Else’ from ‘Sarabande’ and the demo of ‘Solitude’) might disappoint those expecting me to include all the cover versions that I have recorded, but unfortunately my vanity and perfectionism prevents me from allowing them to be heard again. I apologise and hope that the completists will forgive me. But I hope to re-record these tracks in significantly improved versions at a later date. (Paul Roland)

Album details:
(1) Too Much To Dream * (new psych guitar added)
(2) Arabian Knights * (new guitar added and lead vocal double tracked)
(3) Iscariot * (hurdy gurdy added)
(4) Strychnine * (new lead guitar added)
(5) Young Girl Blues * (new acoustic guitar added)
(6) Guinevere * (hurdy gurdy added)
(7) Lady Rachel * (hurdy gurdy and dulcimer added)
(8) Venus In Furs * (new double-tracked vocal on chorus’)
Bonus Tracks
(9) Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth (out-take from ‘Strychnine’ sessions) *
(10) Hot George
(11) Mathilda Mother
(12) Gary Gilmore’s Eyes
(13) Go Down You Murderers * (dulcimer added)
(14) Hurdy Gurdy Man

*denotes re-touching (additional vocals and/or instruments)
Additional musicians: Knox (gu(15) Who Do You Love
(16) Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache
(17) Baby Let’s Play House
(18) Peggy Sue Got Married itar on ‘Hot George’), Andy Ellison (vocal on ‘Hot George’), Nick Salomon aka Bevis Frond (guitars on tracks 5 & 14-16), Valerie Franco (backing vocals and flute on tracks 1-9), Nick Nicely (backing vocals on tracks 12-13). Plus Andy Young (new guitars on tracks 1, 2, 4 & 5) and Phil Martin (hurdy gurdy and dulcimer on tracks 3, 6, 7 & 13)