Roland, Paul - Bates Motel (Vinyl)




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Original release 2012
Vinyl Reissue 2013 Anazitisi Records

sealed !

Cult English baroque rocker Paul Roland  has left the mock gothic grandeur of his past albums such as 'Danse Macabre', the Edwardian proto-steampunk offerings of 'A Cabinet of Curiosities' and the dark woods of folk-themed 'Grimm' to plug his electric guitar in and thrash to death such titles as 'I Was A Teenage Zombie', 'Tortured By The Daughter of Fu Manchu', 'How I Escaped From Devil's Island' and the title track ‘Bates Motel’. Someone has evidently been listening to The Cramps and Johnny Cash!


A1 I Was A Teenage Zombie 3:25
A2 Kali 4:47
A3 Bates Motel 5:23
A4 How I Escaped From Devil's Island 2:59
A5 The Wailing Well 4:17

B1 Tortured By The Daughter Of Fu Manchu 4:02
B2 The Light Of Life Drains Out Of Me 4:00
B3 Katmandu 3:23
B4 Promised Land 3:59
B5 Crazy 3:07
B6 Cain 3:40