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Roger Rodier put out an obscure album on Columbia in 1972, Upon Velveatur, that was very much in line with the folk-rock-oriented singer/songwriter trends of the era. It was at least as much indebted to British sounds from that genre as North American ones, however, with its gentle breathy vocals, subdued melancholy, and combination of predominantly acoustic guitars with subtle strings and some female backup vocals. Prior to the LP, Rodier had issued a couple of singles on the local Montreal label Pax, the first of them sung in French. Despite getting praised in Rolling Stone by Lester Bangs for its timeless grace, Upon Velveatur got little exposure when it was issued in autumn 1972. Although he did start work on a second album for Columbia in early 1973, it wasn't finished, and Rodier left music a few years later without having released anything else. []

Track list;
01 - Listen To These Chords I Play (Celeste). 3:12
02 - My Spirit's Calling. 5:05
03 - Am I Supposed To Let It By Again (Above The Covers). 4:08
04 - The Key. 4:02
05 - While My Castle's Burning. 4:19
06 - You Don't Know What It's Like. 4:12
07 - Just Fine. 3:59
08 - Let's See Some Happyness. 4:56
09 - Easy Song (bonus track). 3:32
10 - L' Herbe (bonus track). 2:41
11 - Tu Viendras (bonus track). 3:07
12 - Have You (bonus track). 3:14
13 - Overseer (bonus track). 2:46