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Progressive Rock (UK)

Original release 1971
Re-issue 1993 Background Records
+ 4 Bonus-Tracks !!!

RAW MATERIAL is a British band that released two albums in the ealy 70’s that are now highly collectible. The group consist of your standard prog quartet plus frontman Mike Fletcher on wind instruments. They developped a slighly jazz-tinged progressive rock so typical of that era and their debut album had some great moments (the longer tracks on side1) but was also partially flawed but ends in a bizarre poem recitation to string arrangements.

Track listing

1. Time and Illusion
2. I'd be delighted
3. Fighting Cock
4. Pear on a apple tree
5. Future recollections
6. Traveller man
7. Destruction of America

Bonus tracks:
8. Time and Illusion (different version)
9. Hi There Halleluja
10. Bobo's Party
11. Days of fighting cock


- Colin Catt / lead vocals, keyboards
- Mike Fletcher / saxophone, flute, vocals
- Dave Green / guitar
- Phil Gunn / bass, guitar
- Paul Young / drums, percussion