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Rare Bird - 1st & Somebody's Watching (2on1 CD)




Red Fox Records


2on1 CD



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Progressive Rock (UK)

2 Originals in 1 CD:

-1st (1969)

1. Iceberg
2. Times
3. You Went Away
4. Melanie
5. Beautiful Scarlet
6. Sympathy
7. Natures Fruit
8. Bird On A Wing
9. God Of War

-Somebody's watching (1973)

10. Somebody's Watching
11. Third Time Around
12. Turn Your Head
13. More And More
14. Hard Time
15. Who Is The Hero
16. High In The Morning
17. Dollars

Original Release 1970
Re-issue 1998 Red Fox Records

First and fourth album from the UK progressive rock band. The first album contains their biggest hit Sympathy, both albums contain some impressive keyboard dominated jazzy progressive rock.

Recommended !!!!!!