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Randy California - Kapt.Kopter... + Bonus (CD)




Sony Music / Epic





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Original release 1972
Re-issue Sony Music

+ 3 Bonus Tracks

Notes: Spirit front man Randy California put together a nice mix of material for this 1972 outing. The Beatles and Paul simon are represented and well played. Straight forward B & W photography adorns the cover, but with the lettering it makes for an interesting look. Very Spirit-like in nature, this is a record worth a listen or two if you can find it.

I've been informed that the Mr. McTorius listed below was none other than Noel Redding, he of Hendrix fame and glory, using a nom de guerre for contractual reasons.

Line Up

Randy California: guitar and lead vocals
Clit McTorius: bass
Henry Manchovitz: drums
Tim McGovern: drums and backing vocals
Charlie Bundy: bass and backing vocal
Roger Dollarhide: hideous laughter

Track Listing

I Don't Want Nobody
Day Tripper
Mother and Chil Reunion

Things Yet to Come

+ Bonus Tracks:
Walkin' the dog
Live for the day

Randy California (born Randy Craig Wolfe; February 20, 1951 - January 2, 1997) was a guitarist, singer and songwriter and one of the original members of the rock group Spirit, formed in 1967.

Randy was born into a musical family in Los Angeles, and spent his early years studying varied styles at the family's Hollywood nightclub, the Ash Grove. He was fifteen years old when they moved to New York and he met Jimi Hendrix in 1966. He played in Hendrix's band Jimmy James & the Blue Flames that summer. The stage name Randy California was given to him by Hendrix to distinguish him from another Randy in the band (who Hendrix dubbed Randy Texas). When Hendrix was invited to come to England by Chas Chandler, Randy was not allowed to go (by his parents) and so missed out on what became the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Together with his stepfather Ed Cassidy, California founded the band Spirit in 1967 and wrote their biggest hit, 1968's I Got a Line on You. The band's music still stands as a unique sound mixing ethereal notes, hard beats, and a satirical view of the world.

Randy California left Spirit in 1971 to begin a solo career, but periodically returned to various reincarnations of the group over the years until he was lost in the ocean January 2, 1997 while rescuing his twelve-year-old son from a rip current near their home at Molokai, Hawai.