Ramases - Space Hymns + 6 Bonus (CD)




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Original release 1971 Vertigo
Re-issue 2001 Progressive Line
+ 6 Bonustracks !

UK psychedelia from 1971 from this salesman from Sheffield who believed he was the reincarnation of the Egyptian Pharoah/deity Ramases. Pop-psych clashes with acid drenched madness to create a superb album of hippy rock with moogs, sitars and guitars to the fore! Arranged and played by 10cc and originally on Vertigo.

Track Listing:
1. Life Child
2. Hello Mister
3. And The Whole World
4. Quasar One
5. You're The Only One Joe
6. Earth-People
7. Molecular Delusion
8. Balloon
9. Dying Swan Year 2000
10. Jesus Come Back
11. Journey To The Inside

Bonus Tracks:
12. Long Long Time
13. Now Mona Lisa
14. Only The Lonliest Feeling
15. Salar Man
16. Children Of The Green Earth
17. Glass Top Coffin