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Rainman - Rainman (Vinyl)




Pseudonym Records





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Original released 1971
Vinyl Reissue 2011 Pseudonym Records
eingeschweißt - sealed !

How a guitarist of Q65 became the solo artist Rainman, An unexpected incident can have far-reaching consequences. During a friendly game of soccer Frank Nuijens was kicked in such a brutal manner that he ended up with a double leg fracture. Musing on his hospital bed, amidst baskets of fruit and other tokens of attention, he realised that this might be an excellent opportunity to finish some songs, which had not found favour in the eyes of his mates from Q65. The songs did not have definitive lyrics, but Q65 drummer Jay Baar took care of that. The latter subsequently contacted most of the other musicians, the majority of whom arrived at the studio 'high as a kite'. Nuijens himself contacted guitarist Eelco Gelling and bass player Herman Deinum of Cuby + Blizzards.
Due to contractual obligations, on the album cover they were named E. Stoffel and H. Staalmeester respectively. For a part, the production was carried out by ex-Blizzard Dick Beekman, at the time drummer with Livin' Blues. The title track Rainman - sung as listlessly as the Dutch weather - provided the stage name, for a great part they took their inspiration from the music of Neil Young, John Lennon, James Taylor, the underground group Moby Grape and last but not least the compositional giant Tim Hardin.
The only cover tune on the album was Hardin's brilliant Don't Make Promises.
Anyone who listens to the reissue of Rainman (in the original artwork with insert, but with two previously unreleased bonus tracks), will recognize a typical 1971 production therein and understand at the same time why the reactions at the first release were so laudatory.