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R.E.O. Speedwagon - Nine Lives (CD)




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The title says it all. REO Speedwagon had been knocking out albums since the early seventies, forever the support band and virtually unknown outside their American mid-west stomping ground. Naming their album 'Nine Lives' was a tribute to the fact that they had managed to record nine albums for EPIC records, a truly amazing feat bearing in mind that they had yet to secure a hit single or even secure a foothold in the trendy East and West Coast concert halls. REO Speedwagon's previous album had signalled a shift in style towards a slightly more refined sound and 'Nine Lives' continued with that transition. This time around the sound was more forthright, with Richrath and Cronin really hitting their stride, reminiscent of the classic vocal/guitar foyle of say Plant/Page or Tyler/Perry. Tracks such as 'Heavy On Your Love', 'Only The Strong Survive', 'Drop It' and 'Back On The Road Again' suggested a band on the cusp of something very big indeed. Although 'Nine Lives', originally issued in 1979 and produced by the band and Kevin Beamish, didn't achieve massive sales it did reposition the band as vital contenders, something that came to fruition on the following album 'Hi-Fidelity'. It was also a record that was in synch with the times; sharp shooting yet melodic hard rock sitting somewhere between Aerosmith and Cheap Trick with great songs and even greater attitude.

24-bit remastering, 4,000 word essay about the making of the album, new interview with Kevin Cronin, enhanced artwork and photos spread out over a 16 page full colour booklet.

Track Listing: 1. Heavy On Your Love 2. Drop It (An Old Disguise) 3. Only The Strong Survive 4. Easy Money 5. Rock & Roll Music 6. Take Me 7. I Need You Tonight 8. Meet Me On The Mountain 9. Back On The Road Again.