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Queen's Nectarine Machine, The - The Mystical Powers Of Roving Tarot Gamble (Digipack)




Original Music Records





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Original release 1969
Re-issue 2011 O-Music

The Queen's Nectarine Machine - The Mystical Powers Of Roving Tarot Gamble

Their album was a Super K production by Kasenetz-Katz, with a psychedelic side and a bubblegum side. Among its better tracks are 4th Dimension and Seance, and overall it's worth hearing. One of the tracks, The Seance started when Jeff Katz came into the studio whilst the engineer was trying to get a volume and EQ level. As usual, the band were goofin-off - playing dissonant jibberish to irritate and annoy the engineer, but Jeff thought that THAT SOUND was' just what he was looking for ' to finish the album... One track from the album, Mysterious Martha has been compiled on Psychosis From The 13th Dimension.

01 - Where Are We Goin' To
02 - 4Th Dimension
03 - Gypsy Lady
04 - I Got Troubles (You Got Troubles)
05 - The Seance
06 - Mysterious Martha Garoo
07 - The Book
08 - Land Of Krepus
09 - Mrs. Fortune Teller
10 - Everybody's Got A Song To Sing