Quatro, Michael - In Collaboration With The Gods (CD)




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Released in 1975 by United Artists this truly great and hugely underrated (3rd) album marked a peak in Quatro’s very short lived reign as a possible leader in American progressive rock. Most of this records consists of multi-keyboard oriented, semi-classical instrumentals similar to the style of Trace, Rick Wakeman, Camel, Argent and Focus, although 1 or 2 shorter tracks recall the sound of heavier bands like Montrose or Queen as well. The album’s main point is nearly 20 minute instrumental title track adorned with plenty of splendid mellotron /Grand piano passages and quite large amount of energetic, electric guitar solos. It’s worth noting that Michael is the brother of glam rock star Suzi Quatro. This premiere CD is recommended to all fans and progressive rock aficionados.