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Q65 was one of The Nederlands most popular beat bands from the 60’s. After their glory years, that ended abruptly when singer Willem Bieler joined the army, the band reformed in the spring of 1970, with drummer Beer Klaasse of the legendary Group 1850 behind the kit. They secured a recording contract with Negram and released the renowned albums Afghanistan and We’re Gonna Make It, which are worth a fortune in the original versions! Afghanistan sounded terrible when it was released, because of a bad pressing. That’s why for this re-release Pseudonym has decided to digitally freshen up the original recording tapes. Thanks to a crystal clear remastering the songs sound like they never did before.
In the second part of their career, The ‘Kjoe’ has developed immensely on a musical and technical level, and you can hear that very well! Longplayer Afghanistan opens with the instrumental Injection, that blasts from the speakers. I’m Glad, with rolling drum intro, has improved incredibly in this remastered version. One whole album sidewas filled with the recording of a live performance in club Sarasani, on the island of Texel. As a bonus Graveyard Train has been added, a Creedence Clearwater Revival song, that was never before released by Q65. Special guests on this album are Barry Hay and Rinus Gerritsen of Golden Earring.
We’re Gonna Make It is the Q65 compilation album with all A- en B-sides of their Negram singles and some leftovers from the recording sessions for Afghanistan. These recordings have also been digitally refreshed and remastered. As a bonus on this album you will find the single Love Is Such A Good Thing. The come-back of Q65 started in March of 1970 with the single Don’t Let Me Fall and Sexy Legs was their hit single in October. The ‘Kjoe’ was still immensely popular and performed five or six times a week!

Track listing


Side 1:
We're gonna make it
Love is such a good thing
(NON-ALBUM TRACK / Bonus track)
I just can't wait

Please come back to me

We are happy

Side 2:
I gotta move
There was a day

Don't let me fall



Sexy Legs