Purple Overdose - Gemineye - The Last Ever Recordings (Vinyl)






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Vinyl 2012 Anazitisi Records

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Legendary Greek psychedelic band. As the album's subtitle suggests, it consists of the last ever recordings made by the band. Gemineye was meant to be their newest album after Salmon's Trip Live (also by Anazitisi Records/Onion label back in 2000) but in the meantime the band split-up. So now, this new LP contains the original demo recordings made from 2001 to 2007. Six mid to long length tracks (incl. the 4-parts same-titled suite).
On one track, Nick Varitis, singer of another great psychedelic band Jack Of All Trades, handles the singing duties. Excellent sound quality, tons of distorted guitar and spacey organ work, wah-wah and phaser effects, backwards tapes, superb as usual musicianship and trippy landscapes. (Think that they were making only the demos!!!) Whoever knows Purple Overdose's previous works, will love this, their last one!