Purple Fox, The - Tribute To Jimi Hendrix (CD)




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Original release 1971
Re-issue Fall Out Records

This mysterious collection of heavy acid rock appeared in 1971 shortly after Jimi Hendrix's death, boasting on its rear sleeve that the non-existent band responsible could possibly fill the void left by Jimi. Though that proved an impossible dream, the album does stand as a highly enjoyable blast of exploitopsych, containing a mixture of Hendrix covers and originals that have been plundered for samples in recent years -- most notably by Fatboy Slim, on his multi-million selling You've Come a Long Way, Baby LP. Though at the time, this release was credited to a guitarist from St. Louis named Alex Purple Fox Boggs, and rumored to be orchestrated by '60s lounge producer Leo Muller, it's pretty certain that the true originators of these covers and tracks will remain forever shadowed in obscurity.


1. Fire
2. Purple Haze
3. Acid Test
4. Are You Experienced?
5. Patch of Grass
6. Foxey Lady
7. Hey Joe
8. Git Some
9. Wind Cries Mary, The
10. Crosstown Traffic
11. Gittin' Busted
12. Requiem for Jimi