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PULSAR's third album, issued in 1977, Halloween, is generally considered one of the ten best symphonic albums in the world. A masterpiece of refinement, sold out for a long time and at last reissued with a wonderful 16-page booklet that includes biography, photos, words and history of the band from Lyon. Definitely indispensable for all progressive rock fans! The re-issue of Pollen from 1975, includes a biographical booklet with words and pictures. A year later, The Strands Of The Future showed us its charms in the format of hyper-sophisticated, elaborated and refined music, filled with exacerbated lyricism and romanticism. Probably as good or even better than Halloween ! In the early Eighties, PULSAR took the path of theatrical creation: with the director Bruno CARLUCCI, the famous quartet (Gilbert GANDIL at the guitar and bass, Victor BOSCH at the drums, Jacques ROMAN at the keyboards & Roland Richard at the flute and saxophone) adapted a short story by Austrian novelist Peter HANDKE in 1981, Bienvenue Au Conseil D'Administration !. The result is worth it for a lot of reasons ! Between glaucous ambiences and scary atmospheres, repetitive lyrics and deshumanized patterns, Seventies inspiration and rhythms longing to the coldness of the new-wave, here's an atypical release that will surely grasp you. It fully deserves its place in PULSAR's discography. A must-have ! With Görlitz, PULSAR made their comeback in 1989 and played an actualised music with beautiful themes, and with the same melodical beauty and the same refinement they had shown on the four previous albums. Those are milestones of Seventies French Progressive rock !

PULSAR (France)

1 - Halloween - Part One (I. Halloween Song/II. Tired Answers/III. Colours Of Childhood/IV. Sorrow In My Dreams) (20'30)
2 - Halloween - Part Two (I. Lone Fantasy/II. Dawn Over Darkness/III. Misty Garden Of Passion/IV. Fear Of Frost/V. Time) (18'40)