Ptose - Ignobles Limaces (Vinyl)


Electronic / Prog


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Originally released 1984
Vinyl reissue 2014 Replica Records
Eingeschweisst - sealed !

Ignobles Limaces emblematic of the underground movement of minimal wave albums that flooded Western Europe in the early 80s. The hooks on this record are insatiable, and the vocals add a fluctuating element of anger and chaos to what's normally been a sterile genre to me. There's a lot of external experimentation built on the very seams of the music, too, and it leaks into the music, infiltrating the wonderful riffs and hooks that power the core of this album from the outside in. It has the feeling of being disorganized in a, dare I say, fun and exciting way, it grabs interest and sustains it throughout a series of tangibly unpredictable tricks and methods. The textural design and integration of alternative instrumentation is particularly noteworthy, it shifts atmosphere seamlessly from darker to lighter realms without losing the traits that define the album. Horns, tribal percussion, growling guitar, even some sampling. It's all done out of sensible, humble progression, but doesn't lose itself in any one specific direction.