Providence - Ever Sense The Dawn (Vinyl)









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Prog-Folk (US)

Original release 1972
Vinyl reissue 2014 Hifly Sound
Digitally remastered

Track Listings

Side A
1. Light Your Journey
2. Mountain
3. Lady
4. Sketch Number Two
5. Stream
6. If I Were Wise

Side B
1. Fantasy Fugue
2. Smile
3. Sketch Number Three
4. Neptunes Door
5. Island Of Light
6. Behold: Solar Sonnet

- Bob Barriatua / bass, vocals
- Bart Bishop / organ, keyboards, vocals
- Jim Cockney / violin, vocals
- Jim Corkey / violin, glockenspiel, vocals
- Andy Guzie / guitar, vocals
- Tom Tompkins / percussion, violin, cello, viola

Providence were the only American band signed to the MOODY BLUES' Threshold label back in the seventies. The group hailed from the Pacific Northwest, and distinguished themselves by their lack of a drummer, featuring instead nothing but various stringed instruments and a keyboardist. The keyboardist played piano, harpsichord, and sometimes organ, rather than ARP or Mellotron like so many of the band's contemporaries.

The band's lone released album was produced by longtime MOODY BLUES producer Tony Clarke, and the band's music, particularly the vocals, reveal the strong influence of that band. The band recorded original compositions that featured languid string arrangements, sometimes psychedelic guitar as well as acoustic, and a bass that pretty much comprised the rhythm section for the band. Their lyrics ranged from fantasy to nature to hippy philosophy, and tended toward naively-positive themes.