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Presence - The Sleeper Awakes + Live (Doppel CD)




Black Widow


Doppel CD



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Progressive Rock (Italy)

Double - CD incl.:
-The sleeper awakes

2003 Black Widow Records

Sealed !!!

BWR069 PRESENCE - The Sleeper Awakes + Live 2Cd
At least available for the first time on Lp ‚"The Sleeper Awakes‚" released as a Cd only in 1994 with the addition of a Live album recorded between 1994 and 2002 including a superb cover version of classic ‚"Kashmir‚" from Led Zeppelin...

The Sleeper Awakes tell about a pact with Lucifer. An enticer (Enticer) decides to sign it and then he tries to protract the term (The other weight of sense). He makes a person (Stranger again) ask another term of 24 years after the first one for another man, giving this person’s soul in exchange for it (Veer). And so on, over and over again.
After centuries of dealing with it this way, Lucifer is afraid that the human race may reach the immortality reserved to transcendent beings only and so he looks for God’s help to break these spells.
God tells him that the only thing to do is to create a being ( The Sleeper) made by their own essences (Wiled). This new being interferes in the series of pacts ( The King could die issueless) and doesn’t renew his contract after the expiry (Endless unceasing lie), dragging eventually everybody with him into the Kingdom of eternal darkness (The scourge of being)