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POTLIQUOR - Louisiana Rock & Roll (Digipack)


Original Music Records





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Southern / Hard / Blues Rock (US)

Original release 1973
Re-issue Original Music Records 2010
6-page Digipak - CD

Potliquor hailed from Louisiana and straddled the line between country, blues, southern rock and hard rock...all the while throwing in horns just to keep things fresh. With a powerful singer in George Ratzlaff, Potliquor were able to muster some pretty inspired moments on vinyl.

Pot Liquor was a top regional touring act. Likemany great acts, they never sold records like they should have. But they did tour, and expose many young southerners to what amounts to some of the first southern rock bands. Some of the best music, ever! And, the best name ever for a southern rock band!

As for Louisiana Rock and Roll, it rocks! From the opening of You Can't get there form Here, to the closing track, Guitar Boogie, this is one of the finest rock and roll records I have ever heard. Pot Liquor rocked my generation.


Les Wallace : guitar, vocals
George Ratzlaff : keyboards, guitar, vocals
Guy Schaeffer : bass, vocals
Jerry Amoroso : drums, tambourine, congos, vocals
1. You Can't Get There From Here
2. Waitin' For Me at the River
3. Taj and Johnny's Blues
4. Rip It Up
5. H
6. Louisiana Rock 'n' Roll
7. St. Jude's Blues
8. Born Under a Bad Sign
9. Guitar Boogie
10. For You