Pop Five Music Incorporated - A Peca (Vinyl)




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Psychedelia with Hammond from Porto, Portugal.
All covers, but especially on softer songs, sports some exquisite & melancholy Macca-worship that's usually only associated with Peruvian bands (We All Together & company). Bach, McCartney himself, Traffic, Hendrix, etc, & escalating towards tuffer garage as it goes along. Their 1st full length LP, after which the band eventually made it to Pye in London to record, but was then derailed by compulsory military service.
Overture, Jesus Alegria dos Homens, Blackbird, To Love Somebody, Proud Mary, Medicated Goo, Mess Around, Hush, Cmon Down to My Boat, Fire, Soul Milk Sea, Can I Get a Witness

2011 Lusisyche Records
Limited edition of 300 copies