Pinchenvsky, Jorge - Su Violin Magico Y La Pesada (No Format)




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Original released 1973
CD Reissue (Papersleeve)

This excellent classically-educated violin player discovered rock when he met La Cofradía de la Flor Solar. He amazed audiences at the BARock Festival playing wah-wah electric violin with the combo from La Plata. He later joined Billy Bond y La Pesada and recorded with lots of band members.

In 1973, he recorded a solo experimental LP with the usual help of Claudio Gabis and Kubero Díaz (guitars), Alejandro Medina (bass), Isa Portugheis (drums) and Billy Bond (mixing console and effects).

Side A is instrumental, featuring long solos. On the other hand, side B has some lyrics, but still features great performances by Gabis (wah-wah guitar in No nos alcanzarán las mariposas) and Kubero (Y así van pasando los años, señora). Overall, it is a crazy hard-psycho CD.