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Susan Pillsbury's obscure self-titled LP is an affable but unmemorable (and, at 25 minutes, short) singer/songwriter effort that's very typical of the early '70s. Tastefully produced with a bit of orchestration, there are casual similarities to some of the early work of Joni Mitchell, Melanie, and, to pull a more obscure name out of the hat, Barbara Mauritz of Lamb (particularly in the songs that favor her higher register), though these aren't so intense as to be derivative. It's best when it delves into moody, melancholy delicacy, but even then the songs are more accomplished than penetrating. She does display impressive vocal range -- it's not all high-note stuff -- and occasional mild country and R&B accents, all presented with likable warmth. Yet while there's nothing to particularly raise objections to, it just doesn't have the fire or imagination that marks the best work in this field. ~ Richie Unterberger

Rare folk-oriented singer, this was her sole album recorded in 1973 in New York and includes help from Jay Berliner and Richard Davis, who played on Van Morrison's 'Moondance'.

Sunbeam Records 2010
Includes 5 bonus tracks.
15 tracks