Pholas Dactylus - Concerto Delle Menti (Vinyl)


Space / Progressive


Black Widow





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Original released 1973
Vinyl Reissue 2008 Black Widow

Pholas Dactylus - Concerto Delle Menti

Pholas Dactylus was one of the most interesting bands of Italy's '70s progressive scene. Their only album, 'Concerto Delle Menti' (Concert of the minds), was issued in 1973 on Vittorio De Scalzi's Magma Studio Recording. 'Concerto Delle Menti' is not the average progressive rock, but it's a musical journey through different styles with an experimental approach of great fascination that turns out to be really original and unique in the entire Italian progressive era. This is a 50-minute suite, divided over two sides, with great poetical lyrics and a theatrical feel which sounds really new.