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If you are a collector of obscure and rare psych & prog music I’m sure you've heard about Pete and Royce, but the problem is that you couldn't have found a copy, cos their two LP’s from early 80’s are very rare.

Greece had in the 70’s a very interesting underground scene going on. Many bands were formed in response to the imperialism, that was going on. Pete & Royce were formed in the late 70’s and played some concerts before releasing their LP. The shows they made were very ‚"hazy‚" and highly influential by the early prog movements from UK.
Pete Tsiros (guitarist/singer) formed the band around 1978 in Athens together with Lavrentis Tsinaroglou on (guitars/vocals), Basilis Ginos (keyboard), Fontas Chatzis (drums) and Elias Porfyris (bass). They recorded three albums, but the first two are the ones you must have! Suffering of Tomorrow was their debut, DIY project with only 500 copies released. It’s a mixture of early Pink Floyd albums (More album) and Cressida. I was really amazed when I first heard the recordings! I was sure the album is good, but I didn’t expect such an atmospheric sound on their album! Another thing I noticed immediately was the cover artwork, especially on the first album. Their second album called Days of Destruction is better as far it goes for production, but musically in my opinion a slight weaker then the debut. I only wish I could hear them live in some underground clubs in Greece back in the days!
You say to yourself, that’s all fine, but how to get this almost impossible to find, LP? Well, we can all thank to Musicbazz for reissuing both two albums! Digipack came with poster and liner notes about the band. The members are still alive and well and they helped to master this release, so it's fully licensed by the members. The sound on CD is really good, so it is the restored cover artwork. I usually don’t like CD’s very much, but man you gotta check the artwork on this Digipack! It blew my mind!