Panama Limited - Indian Summer (Vinyl)







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Original release 1970
Re-issue Timeless 2008 / sealed

Late 60's jugband bluesoutfit led by Denis Parker alongside Gary Compton (harmonica) and Brian Strachan (guitar), the Panama Limited Jugband, also named after a Bukka White song (from 1930). The band was based in the Richmond area of London, which at the time was kind of a hotbed for blues (the Crawdaddy Club), especially acoustic style blues. Shortly thereafter, however, Denis became disenchanted with the music business. Thankfully he left us these recordings as an artefact. They shortened their name to Panama Ltd. for a second album by which time Liz Hann, their vocalist, had left and been replaced by Anne Matthews. On this better second album their early jugband sound is replaced by a brand of Beefheart - influenced rock.

Denis Parker
Brian Strachen
Dave Griffiths
Anne Matthews
Gary Compton
Larry Steele
Jeff Jarrett