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Pacificos, Los - Havana 1967 (Digipack)


Garage / Punk / Psyc


daPP Productions





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2001 daPP Productions

An old tape missing for more than 30 years in warm and humid Cuba. Nine rock songs recorded in 1967 in two hurried hours, with borrowed instruments and without previous rehearsal.

Four students, each about 17 years old, who filled the Havana student underground with the peace logo and forbidden music for two years. Music that sent people to jail, or provoked strong discrimination just by listening to it.

An incredible performance with professional standards, recorded in a completely censored environment. A musical program with covers from the Kinks, Beatles, and more, to original Cuban rock songs written by Los Pacificos. A unique session stolen from a system that locked doors to rock and peace.

A story that earned the cover of the entry call for the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in New York City.

The only known recording of a Cuban rock band from the sixties.

Dedicated to Carlos Davila, the youngest Pacifico, who died in the Angola war, in Africa, in the seventies (many people are still asking why). Released in Digipak with an excellent design using testimonial photos.

Los Pacificos (the Peacemen), Havana 1967: a reality piece to add to your collection.