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German Progressive Rock

Original release 1970
Re-issue 1991 Kuckuck / Ohrwaschl

Track listing
1. See how a white negro flies (5:48)
2. God saved the queen, cried Jesus (7:28)
3. Hey John (9:35)
4. No name (3:06)
5. World's end (9:55)
6. Dark, darker (11:37)

Total Time: 47:29

- Remigius Drechsler / guitar
- Hennes Hering / keyboards
- Moran Neumüller / vocals, saxes
- Klaus Spöri / drums
- Stefan Wisheu / bass

Review by Hugues Chantraine , 6/24/2004

If you ever read Abjornssen's Cosmic Dreams at Play , you will know how high esteem he holds this band. His article finishes this way : WHAT AN AWESOME GROUP THEY WERE! I cannot say it any better as the three albums they made in their prime were all drastically different from each other yet so unmistakably O O F ( much like Floyd did all of their albums so different , yet all so FLOYD ) . Their music is absolutely theirs and sound like nothing else and although they are Germans , I hesitate to call it Krautrock.

As with most German band singing in English , the vocals are not perfect but this is very minor as the texts (lyrics) are easily understood and are of a very social/political nature that they could also be classified in German only category Polit-rock ( never thought you'd read about such a category , Uh ? This IMO only adds to the quality of the music and does not make it dated just for that. However , most of the album is taken by the great instrumental mix alternating Sax, flute , guitar and organ, the whole thing underlined by a complex rythm section . Technically absolutely brilliant (D-E A + HCH). Just by the weird song titles , one can see that this band is heavy, I mean HHHEEEAAAVVVYYY , man !!

If you don't know of this band , this is an absolute must, as the other album will be different but equally indispensible .