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Oriones' story begins back in the early 70's (when they were known as Familiar Love) and... it never ends, as they're still alive recording and gigging.
They started playing mainly covers on well-known hits by such artists as Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones. Then they transformed into a typical 70's greek underground rock band writing their own songs and in 1978 they were responsible for one of the best 7 singles ever resurfaced from Greece. With the turn of the decade they changed their style firstly to hard-rock/FM with some progressive tinges and then influenced from the new-wave movement they moved towards AOR/pop
This album is made for historical reasons and contains 8 (mid to long duration) songs, all sung in Greek: their first single from 1978 and 6 demo recordings -with excellent sound quality although not hi-fi- made between 1979 and 1983.
Track A1 -from their lone single- Koyrdista anthropakia is a mid-tempo heavy progressive song with male-female vocals, excellent organ use and spreads at 6 minutes. Its flip-side Gia na zisei pio kala (A4) is more in the tradition of hippie folk-pop (sometimes reminiscent of bands like Agapanthos or 70's Blue Birds). O Paliatsos (A2) from 1979, is close to the Koyrdista anthropakia style with a sturdy bass-drums basis and extensive use of mellotron and synths. Hrysi vroxi (A3) and Kyklos (B1) are both from 1982. With spacey synth intros, mellotron/organ, fuzzy/flanged guitars and an FM prog feeling. O Iroas (B3) is in the new-wave vein while Egglezoula (B4) is a typical 12-bar rock'n'roll with heavy guitars bridges.Stin prokimea (B2, from 1982) is an aerial ballad with male/female vocals and lots of mellotron and piano.

Includes 4-pages insert with lyrics, bio, photos and memorabilia.
180gr vinyl
PVC protective outersleeve.
Anazitisi Records 2010