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Orange Colored Sky - Orange Colored Sky + Bonus (CD)


Beat / Rock







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Original release 1968
Re-issue 2010 Picard

ORANGE COLORED SKY’s roots go back to 1962, when Larry Younger formed The Fabulous Epics in Erie, PA. The Epics soon moved to New York City and became the house band at the world-famous Peppermint Lounge. Years later, Tom Hanks would call them The Wonders and tell their story in his film ‘That Thing You Do’.

In 1968 the band moved to Southern California, was signed by Universal, and became ORANGE COLORED SKY. SKY hit big in Los Angeles, appearing in the movie ‚"The Love God‚" with Don Knotts, in TV commercials with Petula Clark, on The Steve Allen Show, and in all the hot clubs. SKY soon became regulars at the Flamingo, Harrah’s, and other major venues in Las Vegas, Reno, and Lake Tahoe.

In 1970 SKY replaced The Carpenters as Burt Bacharach’s opening act. SKY also toured with Frank Sinatra and assisted Governor Ronald Reagan’s re-election campaign.

SKY released the 45 RPM single ‚"Help‚" in the early 1970’s on the People label, but it was the B side, ‚"Press A Rose‚", that placed on the national charts. Larry Younger and Tony Barry shared lead vocals; unfortunately, Larry’s funky, soulful performance couldn’t overcome People Records’ business problems.

Track Listing

  1. The Sun And I
  2. The Shadow Of Summer
  3. Knowing How I Love You
  4. Just Like Humpty Dumpty
  5. I’m Taking Her To Dinner
  6. Sometimes ( I Wish I Didn’t Love You)
  7. Everyday I Love You More
  8. L.A. (Los Angeles)
  9. Girl Of My Dream
  10. Don’t Do As I Do (Do As I Say)
  11. Orange Colored Sky
  12. Happiness Is [bonus]
  13. Another Sky [bonus]
  14. Mr. Peacock [bonus]
  15. Knowing How I Love You [bonus single version]
  16. The Sun And I [bonus single version]
  17. Sweet Potato [bonus]