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Orange Bicycle - Orange Bicycle + Bonus (Digipack)




Second Harvest





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Original release 1970
Re-issue 2008 Second Harvest
+ 7 Bonus Tracks

Song Title
1. Lady Samantha
2. Country Comforts
3. Sweetest Thing Is, The
4. Make It Rain
5. Say You Don't Mind
6. Hallelujah Moon
7. Jelly on the Bread
8. Take Me to the Pilot
9. Come to Tomorrow Morning
10. Back
11. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
12. Hyacinth Threads (Bonus Track)
13. Amy Peate (Bonus Track)
14. Laura's Garden (Bonus Track)
15. Lavender Girl (Bonus Track)
16. Jenskadajka (Bonus Track)
17. Sing Thsi Song All Together (Bonus Track)
18. Trip on an Orange Bicycle (Bonus Track)

Orange Bicycle was an English Pop-Band which existed from 1967 - 1971. The band played a style influenced by The Beatles and the Hippie-culture, as well as by some other groups like The Rolling Stones. Members were John Bachini , Kevin Curry, Bernie Lee, Wilson Malone and RJ Scales.

The first single of Orange Bicycle, Hyacinth Threads, was a number-1-hit in France and quite successful in some other European countries, but not in Great Britain. All the time of its short career, Orange Bicycle was more popular outside than inside their home country.

1968, the band started to cover e. g. songs of The Rolling Stones (Sing This All Together). Its most successful album Orange Bicycle includes covered songs of The Beatles (Carry That Weight), Bob Dylan (Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You) and Elton John (Take Me to the Pilot). In 1971, the band broke up.