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Originally released 1977

CD reissue 2022 Paisley Press



Nothing recalls that this was an Austrian band, it sounds more like an early- to mid-70's act.

Psych Pop flavor among the standard melodic progressive values.In fact this is quite vocal-heavy material, especially during the short pieces, where still some decent moves on organ and piano can be found next to the expected melodic guitar leaks.

The voice of Pertot was pretty clean on the English lyrics. There are a couple of tracks at over 7 minutes and these were definitely the more competitive ones, showing the band moving to a different direction.

Space Fusion with floating synth explorations and sharp, jazzy guitar lines with a tad of CAMEL during the softer solos.

A combination of British-styled Psych/Prog, neurotic synth-drenched Fusion with occasional electric piano pops and some HAWKWIND spaceness