OPA - Back Home: The Lost 1975 Sessions + Bonus (CD)




Lion Productions



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Progressive Rock Uruguay
Original release 1972/75
Re-issue Lion Prod. 2007

Wicked funky fusion from Opa -- with loads of great electric moments! Although originally from Uruguay, Opa are best known for their Brazilian-tinged albums on Fantasy during the mid 70s, but this album presents the group in the years before that time -- working in a style that's rougher, funkier, and which has some really great breezy jazz touches! There's certainly plenty of Brazilian jazz touches on the set -- but there's also a warm and sunny west coast finish, with lots of scatting lyrics, flowing keyboard lines, and dancing percussion that really makes the set groove. Titles include Casa Forte, Back Home (The Inner Cry), Brother Rada, African Bird, Goldenwings, Brooklynville, and One & One & One Is Two. CD also features the bonus track I Came To This Country.