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Omnia Opera - Omnia Opera / Red Shift (Doppel CD)




Delerium Records


Doppel CD



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Omnia Opera originally released 1993
Red shift originally released 1997
Double CD reissue 2012 Delerium Records

Sealed !

Omnia Opera:
They are very much influenced by HAWKWIND and certainly the OZRIC TENTACLES came to mind often while listening to this record.
Space Bastards is like HAWKIND 101. Disbelief has distorted guitars along with drums leading early as the male vocals join in. Great sound as it picks up. Contrasts continue. The Awakening is another top. A haunting and spacey intro as a beat takes over and female vocals join in before 3 minutes. The guitar sounds amazing when the vocals stop. They continue to jam and it's spacey late to end it. Floating Setee opens with some prominant bass then it kicks in. Keyboards too. Vocals and a heavier sound after 2 minutes.

Red Shift:
A little different than the previous self titled album of four years earlier in that there are quite a bit of electronics added on this one.
Annihilaion is a pretty good rocker with vocals. It does settle right down before 6 minutes then the drums join in before it kicks back in after. Slide has strummed guitar and sounding drums as the vocals join in. Female vocals too. Timelines opens with thunder as synths take over then dreamy vocals and percussion join in. Vocals come and go. Fly And Burn is unusually heavy for these guys and uptempo as the vocals come and go.