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Ohio Express - Chewy Chewy & Mercy + 8 Bonus (2on1 Digipack)




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2on1 Digipack



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2 original recordings on 1 CD:

-Chewy Chewy (1968)
-Mercy ( 1969)

+ Bonus Tracks Single A + B Sides from rare Italian Singles !

Re-issue BOD Records

Just another group out of the midwest -- Mansfield, Ohio, to be precise -- the Ohio Express had little inclination that they would become the first, and best, Bubblegum super group. Early on the group consisted of Dale Powers (lead guitar), Doug Grassel (rhythm guitar), Jim Pfayler (keyboards), Dean Kastran (bass) and Tim Corwin (drums). Their first single, Beg, Borrow And Steal, was a Rare Breed performance recorded in 1966 and added to their first album of the same name. In 1967 they teamed up with Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz, and signed with Neil Bogart's Buddah Records (of course) and released what is regarded as the first Bubblegum classic Yummy Yummy Yummy, which became their biggest hit, reaching the Top 5 on both sides of the Atlantic. Two of their albums made the Top 200: Ohio Express (which included Yummy, Yummy, Yummy climbing to No.126 and Chewy, Chewy which peaked at No. 191), but Bubblegum music really aimed at the singles market. Their first seven 45s were sung and written by Joey Levine, who was on Buddah's staff, but Buddy Bengert was lead singer on Pinch Me and Graham Gouldman (later of 10cc fame) performed the vocals honors on Sausalito (Is The Place To Go). The group carried on until 1972 long since losing any resemblance to the original lineup and sound.

Chewy, Chewy - Tracklist:
Chewy, Chewy (3:19) (J. Levine - K. Resnick)
Nothing Sweeter Than My Baby (2:47) (S. Gordon)
So Good, So Fine (1:42) (J. Levine - K. Resnick)
1,2,3 Red Light (2:17) (S. Trimachi, B. Trimachi)
Yes Sir (2:09) (J. Levine - K. Resnick)
Let It Take You (2:47) (J. Levine)
Little Girl (2:02) (J. Levine - K. Resnick)
Fun (2:10) (J. Levine - K. Resnick)
Firebird (2:32) (J. Levine - K. Resnick)
Simon Says (2:11) (E. Chiprut)
Down In Tennessee (3:00) (J. Levine - K. Resnick)

Mercy - Tracklist:
Mercy (2:25) (J. Levine - S. Feldman)
Lucky (2:08) (J. J. Woods - B. Levine) *
Sha La La (2:21) (J. Levine)
Nighttime (1:48) (J. Levine - S. Feldman)
Peanuts (2:08) (G. Bengert) *
Up Against The Wall (2:40) (J. J. Woods - B. Levine) *
Sweeter Than Sugar (2:05) (J. Levine - S. Feldman)
Jacksonville Station (2:55) (J. Levine - L. Martine)
Ohh La La (2:07) (J. Levine - K. Resnick)
Come On Down Maryann (2:42) (J. Levine)
Gimme Gimme (2:36) (J. Levine)

+ 8 Bonus Tracks from rare Italian Singles !!!!