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Nutz - Nutz Too + Bonus (Digipack)









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Original release 1975
Re-issue 2007 Universum

sealed Digipak CD

In 1975 those four wacky lads from Liverpool, England, who make up Nutz, released their second album amusingly titled Nutz Too. What a leap forward it was from their debut album, running like all good Rock 'n' Roll albums should. Similar to a live show with a positive beginning, it takes you on a journey all along the roundabout of Rock 'n' Roll before exploding in a dramatic climax. Along the way they show off the power of the group as a whole, while allowing each individual member of the band room to reveal his own particular talents. ''Nutz Too was compiled of eleven songs, each short and sharp (average song length four minutes), and each with its own story to tell. Six of the seven songs by lead guitarist Mick Devonport are belting rockers, while number seven is a rather pleasant Zepplenesque acoustic song. One cover version, included to appease the record company, was released as a single, the poppy rocker 'Change's Coming’. And three songs written by front man David Lloyd one of which is a mid-paced rocker, a clever little number with intricate time changes and one of the most beautiful power ballads ever put down in a recording studio. This really rather summed up the band. Mick Devonport, the driving force and raw rocker of the band; Dave Lloyd, the looks, soul, and voice; John Mylett, left to prove that he was one of the finest and hardest hitting drummers in Rock 'n' Roll (John was constantly being targeted by other bands to join their ranks including ''Iron Maiden. However, he preferred to stay with his mates in the firm believe that one day they would hit the big time. Sadly, as history proved, Nutz never become the mega-stars everyone predicted, and John Mylett was tragically killed in a car crash in Greece a year after the band gave up their quest for that elusive big break.); and lastly Keith Mulholland, who, together with John Mylett, formed an earth shattering rhythm section, and at times put his rockin' bass upfront like in 'Knife Edge'.

Mick Devonport - Lead guitar and backing vocals
Dave Lloyd - Guitar and lead vocals
John Mylett - Drums and percussion
Keith Mulholland - Bass guitar and backing vocals

1. Nature Intended
2. I Want Never Gets
3. Take It From Me
4. Change's Coming
5. Dear Diary
6. Is It All For Real
7. Cool Me Down
8. R.S.D.
9. The Love You Lost
10. Sinner
11. Knife Edge

+ 5 Live-Bonustracks:
12. R.S.D.
13. Joke
14. Can Be Loved
15. Wallbanger
16.Knife Edge