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Nuova Idea feat. Paolo Siani - Live Anthology (DVD)




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DVD Nuova Idea - Live Anthology
Live at Club II Giardino Verona, December 1st, 2012

Parallel to NEW TROLLS and OSANNA, this band made a psychedelic and heavy classical rock on their debut. Typically seventies group remarkable by the predominance of keyboards, singing (often in choir), beautiful and polished melodies. Evokes CITTA FRONTALE, LE ORME, and BIGLIETTO with percussive rhythms, vibrating guitar solos, and vocals close to VANILLA FUDGE.

Mr. E Jones was another superb 70's Italian Prog release. The lighter sections of the album kind of reminds me of early CAMEL at times. A wonderful recording which Italprog heads will love. Their 3rd album Clowns is generally regarded to be their best and most bombastic.

In 2010 the band reconvened for a new album which can be found on this site under the moniker of Siani and friends feat. Nuova Idea, Paolo, as the new material was composed entirely by Siani and officially released under his name. Released in 2011 the album is very good and a fitting postscript to the story of Nuova Idea. Do check out that album from Siani, hopefully there will be more to come.