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Studio Album, released in 1973

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Banished bridge (17:06)
2. High evolution (4:27)
3. Laughing (9:10)
4. Inside of me (inside of you) (6:40)

Total Time: 37:23

Line-up / Musicians

- Hartwig Biereichel / drums, percussion
- Lutz Rahn / organ, mellotron, piano, synthesizers
- Heino Schünzel / bass
- Jürgen Wenzel / vocals, acoustic guitar

Novalis biography
During the mid-seventies, the Hamburg-based band NOVALIS established themselves as leaders in the field of German-language romantic rock. The quartet called itself NOVALIS after the most important German poet of early romanticism. They created a rock music of poetic, lyrical with german lyrics and instrumental beauty. Their music, a heavy organ rock, was compared to the sounds of bands such KING CRIMSON and PINK FLOYD. They released a few albums of lush, keyboard-dominant prog rock during the seventies. The keyboards created majestic layers on which the guitar builds airy melodies.

Starting with heavily organ-accentued art rock a-la KING CRIMSON (and on their debut, Banished Bridge, including English lyrics), NOVALIS later developped their own unique style, a mixture of progressive, classic, folk and rock. Banished Bridge (1973) showed their KING CRIMSON influences... in a dreamy, laid back progressive rock.