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New Eyes - New Eyes (CD)




Lost 80s





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Originally released 1980
CD reissue 2016 Lost 80's Record Company

Eingeschweißt - Sealed!

The band NEW EYES, including keyboardist PETER BREITMANN, morphed outof the Rock-Jazz band Children's Corner which was originally founded by bassist and componist BERND HOFFMANN. The predominant Jazz-like character of the music was replaced by Rock and Pop as CHARLEY MÖLLER joined the band. CLAUS FISCHER, originally hired as the sound engineer, took over the guitar playing and together with Hoffmann the two began writing original songs. As newcomers on the scene the band followed their individual style and under the direction of STEVE LIPSON and LOU SALVONI (their previous production Driver's Seat from the band Sniff 'N Tears was a No. 1 Hit in the USA) thier first LP was recorded in London within 6 weeks. After returning to Hamburg the record company, being uncertain of its commercial success, was not keen in releasing the track The Words Of Love as an extra single. Followinf their own ideas, the record company released another track as a single. It was not financially successful, the musicians were payed compensation and their record contract was cancelled. This money helped produce the album Midnight Generation which was very different from the first production: distorted guitars, heavy drums, extreme bass riffs, melacholic and dark vocals combined with Elektro and Wave elements. The title Black Cat's Eyes proceeded to become a superhit in the Disco scene.


1. These Words Of Love
2. Electrify Your Love
3. She's Going Away
4. Lonely Bird
5. Lucy, Go!
6. Radio
7. I Won't Tell You
8. I Don't Wanna Say Goodbye
9. Say You Will
10. Take Good Care