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The band started in 1967 in Phoenix, Oregon (a small city outside of Medford) as the teen band The Navarros, playing surf music and R&B. The original members were Rick Bolz, George Gleim, Dyan Hoffman, John Morrison and Gary Campbell. After cutting a single on a local Oregon label, the band moved to San Francisco and got caught up in the psychedelic rock movement.After losing Morrison and Campbell to the draft, Ron Raschdorf and W.A. Farrens joined and the Navarros changed their name to The Neighb'rhood Childr'n.They recorded a self-titled album on the Acta label in 1968.This album is now much sought after by record collectors.They toured constantly in support of the album, opening for The Who and The Grass Roots, and going on a short tour with The Beau Brummels. After encountering problems on tour, the band developed a religious focus and changed their name to White Horse. They could not find a label that would release their second album, and the group disbanded in 1970.

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