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Originally released 1971
CD reissue 2000 Melopea Records

Litto Nebbia is an Argentine rock singer and tangomusician and one of the pioneers of rock music in the Spanish-speaking world.
In the early 1960s Nebbia founded the Tango rock band Los Gatos Salvajes, who appeared as Los Gatos in 1967.
After this success, Nebbia began a solo career, and in 1969 his first solo album was published under the title Litto Nebbia. In 1971 he released the album Nebbia's band and the Los Gatos broke up. In the early 1970s he founded the group Huinca for experimental music with Oscar Moro, Cacho Lafalce and Gabriel Ranelli, and in 1973 the Litto Nebbia Trio, a jazz formation.