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My Solid Ground - My Solid Ground (CD)









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German Krautrock

Original release 1972
Re-issue 2003 CMP

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Dirtyellow mist (13:15)
2. Flash part IV (2:13)
3. That's you (2:23)
4. The executioner (3:33)
5. Melancholie (4:17)
6. Handful of grass (2:46)
7. Devonshire Street W1 (3:19)
8. x (3:40)

Line-up / Musicians

- Karl-Heinrich Dorfler / bass
- Bernhard Rendel / vocals, guitar
- Ingo Werner / organ, piano, Mellotron
- Andreas Wursching / drums

My Solid Ground biography
In 1968, at age 14, he had learned how to play guitar, formed his own band and three years later released an album whom many still consider a psychedelic Krautrock classic. Not bad for a small-town German boy who is now producer, composer and music lecturer at Maintz University. He is Bernhard Rendel, founder of MY SOLID GROUND; the other band members were keyboard player Ingo Werner, bassist Karl-Heinrich Dorfler and drummer Andreas Wursching. In 1970, at the Morfelden Studio in Frankfurt, they recorded a short track (Flash) that won second place in an amateur competition hosted by Sudwestfunk (SWF) Radio. A year later, they released their album with nationwide success. Despite this, some of the band members started to quit and Rendel suddenly found himself with a totally new line-up. Their plans for a second album unfortunately never never materialized and in 1974, Rendel himself quit to pursue university studies.

The opening track on their self-titled LP certainly lives up to the album's reputation: a 13-minute epic of dark, heavy space rock with crunching guitars and acid riffs, distorted vocals, lots of long droning keyboards - imagine a mix of early FLOYD (One of These Days) and THIRSTY MOON. However, the rest of the album (or most of it) is fairly mainstream, being made up of rather conventional hard rock.