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Murphy Blend - First Loss (Vinyl)




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Classic German Krautrock album from 1971.

Vinyl Reissue 2009 Missing Vinyl
Limited edition 180g vinyl.
Remastered from the mastertapes.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. At First (4:32)
2. Speed is Coming Back (5:58)
3. Past Has Gone (7:30)
4. Prädudium/Use Your Feet (5:31)
5. Firt Loss (7:44)
6. Funny Guys (3:38)
7. Happiness (0:01)

Line-up / Musicians

- Wolf-Rodiger Uhlig / organ, cembalo, grand piano, vocals
- Wolfgang Rumler / guitar, vocals
- Andreas Scholz / bass
- Achim Schmidt / drums

Murphy Blend
First Loss LP reissue. Murphy Blend were responsible for one of the best albums released on Polydor's legendary Kuckuck label. They were a quintet comprising Wolf-Rodiger Uhlig (organ, cembalo, grand piano, vocals), Wolfgang Rumler (guitar, vocals), Andreas Scholz (bass) and Achim Schmidt (drums). First Loss was recorded in Union Studio, Munich, during October - December 1970, produced by Jonas Porst (the manager of Ihre Kinder!) and engineered by Thomas Klemt.

Murphy Blend revealed a fine blend in which Uhlig utilised his keyboards to incorporate classical themes into their heavy progressive music. He had studied classical music for three years in Berlin. The songs were melodic, textured by heavy guitar and organ riffs. The album contained six proper tracks (mostly written by Uhlig) and the shortest German song of all time: the 3/10 of a second long Happiness! It's impossible to name highlights as all material is truly great! Sadly, Murphy Blend disbanded soon after recording this album. Andreas Scholz went on the heavy progressive Blackwater Park in 1971. Wolf-Rudiger Uhlig guested on Frumpy's third album, By The Way in 1972.