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Originally released 1973
Vinyl reissue 2015 Replica Records


Moving Gelatine Plates biography

MOVING GELATINE PLATES were in retrospect one of France's finest progressive rock bands. Forming in the wake of the tumultuous political situation of France in the late 60s, their music was distinctly apolitical, filled with a refreshing sense of humor and an irreverence that distinguished them from many of their more brooding contemporaries. The seeds sown for success, their debut album was finally released by CBS in 1971 to a heavy critical acclaim. Lack of proper promotion, combined with poor management, led to a less successful tour this time around, but the band were nonetheless obliged to hit the studio again later that year to record their second album. As it turned out, The World of Genius Hans stands among the finest French progressive rock albums ever released, but the promotional problems that band had experienced with the first album continued throughout the touring and promotion of the second. The two albums released by MOVING GELATINE PLATES cannot be considered anything less than classics, drawing together and fusing all manner of influences and setting the tone early on for a eclectic national French scene that was among the strongest in Europe.