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Morse Code Transmission - Morse Code Transmission 2 (Doppel Vinyl)




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Doppel Vinyl



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Original release 1972
Double Vinyl Reissue 2013 O-Music
sealed !

Morse Code Transmission
This Canadian Quebec band made two psych albums in 71 & 72 sung in English. It's highly collectible and real gems of progressive music.
The first album is something between the early Genesis and Barclay James Harvest. The second is harder and real progressive stuff. They play a fairly exciting organ-driven hard rock that is not too far removed from Atomic Rooster (not as heavy) or Frumpy. 
Later they changed their name to MORSE CODE and sung in French.

Side 1
1. Funk alley (8:14) 
2. Soul odyssey (3:34) 
Side 2
3. Graveyard of man (4:54) 
4. Stick the fork in (8:39) 
Side 3
5. Liberty, freedom, man (9:29) 
6. Cold society (4:40)
Side 4
7. New woman kind (4:33) 
8. Sky ride (4:31) 
9. Satan song (3:24) 

Raymond Roy / drums, percussions
Michel Vallée / bass, vocals
Berny Tapin / lead guitar, acoustic guitar
Christian Simard / piano, organ, tonga, lead vocals