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Montesano - El Pasillo (CD)




Record Runner





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It was in the early eighties, when Gustavo Montesano ended his participation in Merlin (band that integrated with former Pastoral Alejandro De Michele, and with whom he recorded a disc), and decided to create a new project, which was to combine tradition and taste for progressive rock - symphonic, with the most modern trends seduced him, as the proposed Ultra Vox (the British group of Midge Ure). The result was the band Montesano plain, a member (on guitar and vocals) with his brother Marcelo on keyboards, Fernando Ortega of Marbella on bass, Marina Olmi on vocals and choirs, and Richard Giles on drums. Between January and May of 1982 came the debut album The Hall.
Record Runner's great idea to republish this work did it great justice, because it was a job not too understood at the and the disc offers both the major reasons of appreciation and enjoyment, which indicates that the proposal was not wrong. Twelve beautiful themes include placing the Crucian title track to the work, the incredible and progressive composed by Marcelo Montesano leak light music, the beautiful melody It's Happening Life, to name a few. An album that deserves to be rediscovered and appreciated (now in digital format), to understand a little more of one of the great artists who have taken the progressive Argentina.
---Gustavo Bolasini Gustavo Bolasini

2003 Record Runner