Mondshine, Clara - Luna Africana (CD)




Fifth Dimension





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Originally released 1981
CD reissue 2015 Fifth Dimension

Sealed !

Released in 1981 it fit perfectly into an era when the sluggish grinding of the early ‚"cosmic music‚" had finally completely vanished and a new peppy drive could be felt with the spacious soundscapes of electronic music. Still rather low-fi with primitive machine grooves and swirling waves of analogue synthesizers to which some hypnotic drones were tastefully added, this music has learned a lot from the grand masters of the 70s and especially the so called ‚"motorik‚" style of krautish electronics with rather simple melodic patterns and a very rhythmical approach with all those layers of pulses and drones piled upon repetitive structures to gain an effect on you as the listener which sets you into a state of trance.