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Mona Lisa - Vers Demain (CD)









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Originally released 1979
CD reissue 1994 Musea Records

Sealed !

Even on its first record L'Escapade (1974), MONA LISA appeared as a dedicated follower of the theatrical, emotional and melodramatic rock created by ANGE. The emphasis, the sensibility, the vocal subtlety of Dominique Le GUENNEC goes beyond the usual style. He lives his lyrics and surprises the listener by performing an expressive and suggestive music that evoke GENESIS. The group got better with each album. Grimaces (1975) and especially Le Petit Violon De Monsieur Grégoire (1976) are two different landmarks of their technical maturity, that is evident thanks to a Steve HACKETT style of guitar and the growth of the singer's vocal power and charisma. Avant Qu'Il Ne Soit Trop Tard... (1977) is a success for this band, given that it mixes the vocal emphasis with the theatricality of its music, and it also goes beyond this thanks to a great instrumental variety and truly captivating and powerful melodies. Dominique Le GUENNEC decided then to leave, and the vocals were then offered to drummer Francis POULET. Vers Demain (1979) shows then a come-back to more concise and direct theatrical rock. Still, the former, after the final split-up of his true band, went back again to his first love at the end of the century. He gathered again the other musicians of VERSAILLES in order to re-create this lost alchemy. L'Ombre Et La Lumière is then MONA LISA's comeback. This 1998 album shows a music that has remained as expressive, poetic, melodramatic and suggestive as ever. This unique formula was by the way the sensation of the year 2000 edition of the famous ProgFest, creating a great enthusiasm amongst the American audience due to their typical French style ! You can find this exceptional show on the Musea CD ProgFest 2000, as well as on DVD. No doubt about it, this is the inspirational quality that allows MONA LISA to remain among the greatest of the French-speaking line-ups of the Seventies. A true landmark of the Seventies French Progressive rock scene !