Mitzutani, Kimio - A Path Trough Haze (CD)









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Original release 1971
Re-issue 2006 Walhalla
Digitally remastered

Kimio Mizutani was the guitarist in the excellent Japanese freak out group Love Live Life +1 and this is a long-desired reissue of his first solo album from 1971, originally issued by Japanese Polydor. Mizutani plays electric and folk guitar, leading a largish rock ensemble (bass, drums, organ, Moog, vocals, etc.) through the paces of what is widely regarded as on the true psychedelic masterpieces of the early 70s Japanese scene. Sensitive interludes (with accompaniment by the Toyama String Quartet and Etoh Wood Quartet), tasteful nods to progressive/fusionist extension and lovely psych guitar hover by Mizutani dominate the proceedings. A nice merger of hard rock conceptualization and the complexities that would evolve from it -- and until now just about impossible to hear within the confines of Western society.

1. A Path Through Haze 5:56
2. Sail in the Sky 7:20
3. Turning Point 3:47
4. Tell Me What You Saw 4:54
5. One For Janis 6:28
6. Sabbath Day's Sable 4:04
7. A Bottle of Codeine 7:18
8. Way Out 4:01

Kimio Mizutani Guitars, Organ

Masaoki Terakawa Bass
Takeshi Inomata Drums
Masahiko Satoh Moog, Organs
Hiromasa Suzuki E-Piano
Hideaki Takebe Bass
Kayoko Isshu Voice
Toyama String Quaret Strings
Etho Wood Quartet Woodwinds