Misty Hush Revival - Your Heart Is Broken + bonus tracks (CD)









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Studio Album, released in 1970
CD Reissue Guerssen Records 2012
+ 2 bonus tracks
sealed !

Here's one the most obscure US private pressings from the late 60s / early 70s. For many years, the Misty Hush Revival name was only a rumour whispered in collector's circles, with only a handful copies known of the original album around today.  Like The Bachs or The Index, this is one of those hard to describe albums which seem to live in a world of their own. Despite the late '72 release date, the music here sounds more late 60s than early 70s and the whole album has a cool, lost-in-time atmosphere.

The group were in fact a club band from New Jersey but surprisingly all the tracks are originals, no cover versions, and they range from fragile, dreamy pop-psych numbers to raw garage, fuzzed-out jams and teen-beat sounds. Like Patrick Lundborg says on Acid Archives: A cool, atmospheric trip for fans of the tri-state late '60s club sound

First time ever CD reissue, remastered on 24-Bit, original artwork, booklet with rare pictures and liner notes by Jack D. Fleischer, and two bonus tracks.