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Originally released 1976
CD reissue 2015 Paisley Press

Digitally remastered !
Sealed !

This is a superb album by this rather unknown band. It contains excellent symphonic rock, influenced by Camel, Focus, Panthéon and Yes. The music is mainly instrumental, but in parts there are vocals sung by Paula Mennen, who sounds a bit like Earth and Fire's Jerney Kaagman.
A somewhat chameleonic album. It opens with a bright organ riff reminding of Yes' Yours is no disgrace, but soon transforms into a long, spacey guitar solo a la Pink Floyd. Chameleonic because the music is shifting seamlessly between the symphonic and the spacey. The use of woodwinds, oboe in particular, lends an unique quality to this album.

Mirror bring that intangible known as atmosphere, that certain something that special recordings possess. Albums like this are refreshing.


Peter Fransen - Drums
Philip De Goey - Hobo, Say, Flute
Paula Mennen - Piano, Organ, Strings, Synth., Vocals
Johan Saanen - Bass, Vocals
Kees Walraens - Guitar


1) Daybreak 10:11
2) Goodbye 10:22
3) Dear Boy 3:38
4) Edge Of Night 13:38